Timeless Design Proudly Crafted In India.

Welcome to PAPAGAI, a brand dedicated to showcasing the beauty of block printing and screen printing from India. Our products are handcrafted by skilled local artisans, who have not received the recognition they deserve for their amazing work.

We want to change that by bringing their artistry to the forefront and introducing you to the unique designs and techniques of block and screen printing. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product that is both beautiful and meaningful.

JOIN US in celebrating the craftsmanship of local Indian artisans and the beauty of handmade products with PAPAGAI.

About Us

Born in 2023 into the heart of Poland based all the way from our routes in India, welcome to PAPAGAI. True to its name, bred from our inspiration from various patterns, vibrant colors along with the traditions that are at heart.

We at PAPAGAI specialize in fabricating unique and imposing designs that are manufactured and handcrafted locally by our skilled artisans in India.

Our mission and vision involves being for the region despite being away from the region, we look to providing our end customers with the best of high-quality products that reflect the best of prints and Indian craftsmanship.

We believe that every piece we make is a unique work of art and we take pride in immersing ourselves into the detailing and care that goes into each step of manufacturing. We make sure we are kind to our environment and even kinder to our local community, we work very closely to ensure fair wages and extremely safe, favorable conditions to work at for our artisans, we make an effort to set the seal on ethical and sustainable fashion.

Being a fashion label, we understand the importance of every piece of product reflecting its true personality and style while being able to express itself. You can find everything, from bold to colorful to casual to subtle to something you can wear at work, we have something for everyone.

Traditional Printing Techniques at PAPAGAI

At PAPAGAI, we specialize in block printing, a traditional printing technique that involves carving a design onto a wooden block, which is then used to stamp the design onto fabric or paper. The process of block printing is entirely done by hand, from carving the block to stamping the design onto the fabric. 

Our screen-printed products are also made using traditional techniques and are done manually by hand. We work with skilled artisans who use mesh screens to transfer the design onto the fabric, one color at a time. The process requires a steady hand and a keen eye for detail, resulting in beautifully crafted products that showcase the artistry and skill of our artisans.

With PAPAGAI, you can be assured that each piece is made with care and dedication, preserving the time-honored traditions of block and screen printing in India. We ensure that you receive a high-quality product that is both beautiful and meaningful.

our journey

PAPAGAI Was Born From The Passion Of Two Brothers Who Share A Deep Love For The Cultural Traditions Of India. Although Born And Raised In Poland, Our Roots Are Firmly Planted In The Indian Subcontinent. Our Family Has Been In The Textile Industry For Over 25+ Years, And Through Our Experiences, We Developed An Eye For The Best And Most Unique Fabrics.

It Was During One Of Our Visits To India That We Were Introduced To The Traditional Process Of Block And Screen Printing. We Were Immediately Drawn To The Beauty And Intricate Details Of These Handmade Products, And It Sparked A New Sense Of Inspiration Within Us. We Saw An Opportunity To Create A Brand That Not Only Provided High-Quality Textiles But Also Supported Local Artisans And Their Craft.

With This Inspiration, We Launched PAPAGAI, A Brand That Showcases The Beauty And Diversity Of Indian Textiles While Honoring The Traditions And Skills Of Local Artisans. Our Journey Has Been Fueled By A Passion For Preserving The Rich Cultural Heritage Of India And Sharing It With The World. With Each Collection, We Aim To Offer A Unique Blend Of Traditional And Modern Designs, Showcasing The Beauty And Versatility Of Block And Screen Printing Techniques. We Are Proud To Support The Livelihoods Of Local Artisans, Providing Them With A Platform To Showcase Their Skills And Talents To The World.

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